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Company and corporate training that increases agility and accelerates success

Unlock the full potential of your team

Whether you’re a company looking for an inspiring keynote during a conference, a business owner who needs  to increase productivity, or a leader  who wants his team to develop critical skills that support company goals as well as personal growth – Clatu Academy has the people, training, expertise and tools to make it happen:

  • Corporate training to elevate performance and keep teams motivated and engaged
  • Keynotes and presentations on food trends, hospitality and travel trends, sustainable development and technology
  • Hands-on coaching to help you scale your business, gain back time and enjoy your success
  • Strategic workshops for personnel management, application processes, recruiting, team building and employer branding

Performance Business Coaching in small groups

Cyrus Schultz, founder of the Clatu group, during a TEDx conference

Take care of the people
who take care of your business

When it comes down to it, the truth is that your team is the product.  Because whatever you’re delivering, your team is what you have to offer the customer. That’s why it’s critical you have the right people on the team. And that’s why it’s critical you don’t prioritize other things before your team.

If you have a great team, you can launch a great product and keep guests, customers, bosses, boards, and investors happy. If you have poor team, you’ll probably launch a poor product and disappoint everybody.

What this means at the most practical level is simple: Put the team first because if you take care of your team, they’ll take care of you.

Company and corporate training that increases agility and accelerates success

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