Clatu B2B Solutions

From Manufacturer to Trade (or Consumer)

Customers, not markets, buy your products. That’s why it’s critical that you deliver the right offers at the right price and at the right time through the most effective channels. Our experts help you build an effective go-to-market strategy based on many years of industry expertise. We do this using a simple 3-step model: Analysis of your current operating model, Market Entry & Customer Management, Communication & Customer Experience.


Step 1 – Analysis of your current operating model

Our consulting services begin with a thorough and customized analysis based on expert knowledge and industry insight. In doing so, we analyse your commercial operating model, target market, marketing effectiveness, pricing strategy, product management, customer experience and distribution channel effectiveness.

Step 2 – Market Entry & Customer Management 

Based on the detailed analysis of market opportunity and those areas that directly correlate with the growth of your business, we support you deploy resources more effectively to get your products to customers through the right channels to grocery retailers, distributors, specialist markets, gastronomy, online shops or direct-to-consumer offerings.

Step 3 – Communication & Customer Experience.

The basics of marketing may not have changed, but everything else has: goals, speed, expectations of transparency and sustainability, declaration regulations, price comparability and more. Based on this, we help you reliably reach opinion leaders, decision-makers and existing customers. In addition, we provide the expertise and cultural specifics of your target markets to help you identify what matters most to your customers and enable your team to deliver engaging experiences. 


B2B market analysis, market entry, key accounting, sales, marketing and communication

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