Clatu Startup

Consulting for startups and early stage companies

Support and advice to start your own business in the organic, food, wine, beverage or restaurant sector

So you have the urge to start a company, or you just did.  This can be the most exciting time in your life, but you need to be alert that this courageous step  is carefully planned and that your business idea has a solid foundation – from financing planning to product development and team building, market studies and building customer relationships.

If you are not new in the startup world, you probably already know this cold truth: 9 out of 10 (!) startups fail and this is mostly due to money-related issues and insufficient competence / lack of experience. 

Clatu StartUp is the answer to the question “How can I solve problems that look unsolvable with limited resources”. We provide practical help for entrepreneurs and founders in the f&b sector in various ways, like… 

  • Build a strong business plan (or review your current one) 
  • Realistically analyze the market need for your idea and find out how your product fits the market
  • Identify what is essential for you, define clear goals and set the right priorities. 
  • Prepare of a business case and a timeline  
  • Create effective processes that will help with both day-to-day operations and long-term tasks
  • Search for suitable funding programs, governmental programs or investors


Startup Coaching:

How to turn an idea into a product and learn how to pitch it so that it can catch investors interest.

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analysis and Product Marketing:

Products that deliver to customer needs have the best change of high market acceptance.  But what feature to deliver, who are your competitors, what challenges do they have and how do they solve their problems are questions, that will need an answer.

Financial Strategy and Fundraising Strategy:

Investors want to know that their money is handled with the proper fiduciary duty. So what is the correct amount of funds you should raise? Do you know the 1/3 secrete and why you shouldn’t have 100% ownership among the founders? What are the terms that you should propose, and what is realistic in your company’s case?  

Sales Strategy:

Does your new company rather spend money for product development, for a very qualified Sales or Key Account Manager, or have several sales people on the street? Do you have a suitable channel strategy and do you know how and where to find new business partners / customers? 

Support and advice to start your own business in the organic, food, wine, beverage or restaurant sector

Clatu is entrepreneurial at its heart, having spent the last 30 years starting and scaling businesses in the food, beverage and HoReCa industry. We passionately believe in entrepreneurship and want to support any founder who has an ambition to start an early stage business. One that adds value to them, to their community and to the economy more broadly.

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