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Clatu is home to a tiny travel specialist, HEAVENLY TRAVELS, with a personalized concierge service available only to members and operating exclusively in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The idea behind Heavenly Travels is simple: In an increasingly digitalized world with streamlined luxury offers we provide the most extraordinary arrangements and personalized travel experiences to the best on offer across the globe, ensuring every request, big and small, is fulfilled. Membership is currently restricted to recommendations from existing clients or by invitation.


Selected advertorials and advertising campaigns for hotels, resorts and restaurants

The Internet is a vast source of culinary and travel information, but often fails to discriminate between what looks good on an insta post and what really works for the discriminating guest or passionate foodie. Unlike some other food magazines or post from bloggers with little or no experience of the high-end market, we know, love, live and communicate the “good life”. Our advertorial blog GOURMET TRAVELS is not about superficial lifestyle and careless consumption, but about worthwhile insider tips and travel reports for gourmets who are actively searching for restaurants, hotels or service, so you can reach the desired target group without significant litter loss.

An exclusive benefit for Heavenly Travels-customers: Members receive signature dining experiences, complimentary champagne, cocktails, or dessert at some of the world’s most premier dining venues, invitations to exclusive in-restaurant events and private chef tastings, as well as meet-&-greets, allow special behind-the-scenes access.

For all those who are active in their own kitchens and love to try out new recipes, Clatu’s founder Cyrus Schultz has been publishing his own food blog CULTURE FOOD since 2010.

Selected advertorials and advertising campaigns for hotels, restaurants and travel partners

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