Clatu F&B Consulting

International and Strategic F&B Consultants for Food And Beverage

Support and advice for the food, wine, retail and HoReCa industries

Clatu is home to a highly specialized boutique management consultancy for food, wine, beverages, organic farming, retail, gastronomy and HoReCa. Our consulting company is called FOOD AND WINE CULTURE. Our team consists of +25 experts and colleagues from all F&B sectors. On the FB-EXPERTS page, you can select a specialist who is exactly suited to help you with your project.

Our clients come from all sectors of the food and beverage industry: farmers and producers, manufacturers, importers, online retailers, supermarkets and retail groups, restaurants, coffee shops and takeaways.

At the heart of Clatu Consulting Culture is the understanding that “the tipping point is here and we are all in this together”.  Today, the world needs to treat food and affordability as critical issues for global prosperity and well-being. Just as agriculture was a key building block in the post-Second World War era of reconstruction, our food economy needs to be rebuilt again. This time it should be done sustainably.

These issues should be top of mind for every person and organization in the food production chain. Producers, distributors, and retailers are all on the line. The good news is that sustainability concerns are increasingly understood and recognized. Consumers are calling for change, regulators are beginning to shape new requirements, and food producers and their partners are beginning to look at new sustainable agricultural practices.

The help you need
right when you need it

Whether it’s

  • market research or market entry,
  • assistance in exporting your products to Europe (customs, declaration requirements, legal framework),
  • support in advice on how to boost your company’s productivity,
  • systems for hiring the right people, or
  • one-on-one coaching to help you through your toughest challenges,

FOOD AND WINE CULTURE offers the support you need to lead your company to its greatest milestones.

International and Strategic F&B Consultants for Food And Beverage

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