HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT is a specialized business consultant for the travel industry. As experienced hospitality experts, we

  • … see ourselves first and foremost as a source of impetus, but also as a trusted advisor with an agile approach to complex matters
  • … support our clients in the areas of operations, strategy, communications, sales, branding, sustainability and culinary concepts
  • … offer keynotes and workshops during conferences, summits or expos.

Our clients are hotels, airlines, cruise lines and travel agencies of all sizes: Private aviation and jet charter, yacht cruises, luxury trains, upper 4-star and 5-star plus hotels, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, lifestyle beach & ski resorts, luxury b&b’s, and innovative lodging concepts.

They are all driven by the same value, strive to significantly strengthen their competitive position, develop more charisma and awareness as a brand, attract dream clients, foster guest loyalty, turn their culinary concepts into a success story, increase their revenue streams – in short, they all want to make their work even more meaningful and profitable.

Future of Hospitality Keynote Speaker

Powerful storytelling, inspiring presentations and pragmatic plans for change and growth

You have come to the right place if you are planning a keynote about…

► The future of hotels (strategy, service & technology)
► Global hospitality trends (the hotel of the future is not what you think it is)
► Food Trends you cannot ignore
► The Art of Welcoming (why first impressions are crucial)
► Social Media for upscale resorts and hotels
► Luxury travel for all
► The evolving expectations of guests
► How you drive loyalty and keep customers loyal
► New rules: Coffee in the hospitality industry
► If you can’t beat them… (the impact of AirBnB, Uber, Tripadvisor etc.)

and if your are looking for a speaker with a strong stage presence, authenticity and sound expertise. I have been talking passionately about travel and hospitality for many years. In front of large audiences or even in front of small leadership circles.

Future of Hospitality Keynote Speaker

Benefits and takeaways for your audience

  • A dynamic multimedia presentation with the content you want and in the time frame you specify, followed by a Q&A session
  • Participants will have a clear understanding of the topic of the day
  • They will discover amazing new trends that will transform the travel and hospitality industry
  • They will learn about the correlation between old school service, expectations of today’s elite travellers and requirements for the future
  • Latest industry content and knowledge to inform, inspire and support all participants in their daily work
  • They will leave the conference with a renewed confidence, an ability to create value and understand the ‘why’ behind the buy
  • Multi-language keynote for an international audience in English, Spanish, German and French

Potential & Performance:

We believe that company success relies on human beings, their personalities, competencies and potential. In our industry, where close personal contact with guests, assistance, communication as well as the ability to work well under stress are utmost important, teams are faced with an array of challenges that they may not naturally be equipped to deal with. This is especially true for luxury travel where we rely on employees taking considerable initiative to deliver the highest quality personalized service.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is a process in which work is done specifically with the entire team. The focus is on positive communication, mutual respect, improving cooperation within the team, building trust, having fun and creating a shared identity. The goal is to increase efficiency and to strengthen the team’s work & performance competence, to attract more talent and allow companies to grow more quickly.

Future of Hospitality Keynote Speaker

Future-Focused Tactical Content

What does the future hold? For you, your company, your guests? The questions are the same for everyone, but the answers are different. It is our responsibility and privilege to serve, to anticipate wishes, to respond to the needs of our guests, to exceed their expectations and to work the magic. For this reason, we offer a range of different keynote topics. They are a supplement to our → regular consulting portfolio and can be customized at any time. 

Cyrus Schultz, a leading consultant to the hospitality and F&B industry, delivers in-depth knowledge and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to a variety of topics at conferences and other events around the world. He has worked in more than 30 countries on six continents. He travels extensively from his base in Germany and is available to work worldwide.

Our consultants are waiting to help you.

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