Developing strategies for the journey ahead

The massive investment in any travel and hospitality business, hotel or resort requires constant reviews and control in order to operate successful and profitable. HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT goes above and beyond to take care of just these important factors, may it be through regular site visits and spot checks, unearthing the latest trends, refining your strategic vision, adapting the brand strategy or simply leading a constructive and helpful debate.

Different types of hospitality and travel require different kinds of expertise. As our consulting is highly bespoke, we offer no standardized service descriptions. However, the portfolio shown below will provide a good impression of the way in which we work and how we focus on the operational side of business.

Each part of our working modules can be connected efficiently with others.

Keep the best – Transform the rest

Core Business Operation: Solving operational problems and improving transformation of fundamental operation processes to drive innovation, increase cost-efficiency, service culture, labor productivity and guest satisfaction. Delivering innovative solutions and performance analysis to all areas: management, accounting and finance, marketing, HR, F&B, housekeeping, entertainment, wellness and recreation.

Strategic Guidance: Setting new goals, defining guard rails and strategies, identifying potentials, reviewing existing business models and developing new ones. By following an already matured mantra “Structure follows Process follows Strategy follows Vision” we help you and your company to position yourself and focus on change strategy, growth strategy, market entry strategy, business cases and market due diligence.

On Site Inspection: Our Mystery Shopper Program offers a comprehensive, independent and objective scan of all your services, facilities and staff performance at various touch points. Posing as a regular hotel guest and based on up to 500 objective standards, we take a critical eye and perform a professional assessment of the property, followed by a comprehensive report (→ see example) to sum up the experience and to indicate shortcomings or where sales opportunities are being missed and changes could be implemented.

Guest Relations:  Advise on customer service and improvements. Chances are that transport, rooms or a hot dinner are not the only things travellers need to book – so take care of every little details to create big moments: Offer emotionalized product experiences, high-value guest events and personalized travel experiences that will foster profitable long-term relationships with your guests.

Loyalty and Guest Engagement:  Improve digital journeys or campaigns and track web analytics. Implement EDM strategies (Electronic Direct Mail) and marketing metrics based on CRM and other customer data: demographics, preferences, and behavior to maximize their loyalty, return rate, spending and Customer Lifetime Value.

Culinary concepts and strategy development: Commenting on the restaurant’s service, fine dining offerings, posh presentations or room service simply isn’t just enough! We can help you turn your restaurant into a success story and increase your profits. By developing culinary concepts, implementing organic and sustainable cooking and always with a strong focus on responsible food production, locally grown, seasonal and produced without pesticides. 

Business Development: We transform your valuable ideas or directions into successful products, business areas or completely new lines of business. Often we see supposedly good ideas that never reach their true potential. As business developers, we do not only understand how the company wants to evolve, but we also keep trends, important innovations, the positioning of competitors and complex market movements in mind.

Commercial: Analyzing commercial structures, processes, culture and communication to maximize revenue growth. Working on pricing and sales, delivering pragmatic solutions in revenue management that are adaptable to changing market conditions with loyalty schemes, cross-selling and upselling so you can survive the current downturn in the travel industry — and flourish when conditions improve.

Mindshift & Sustainibilty: While financial sustainability, yield forecasting and property management are success factors, we take a broader view measuring success by People, Performance and Planet. That’s why our agenda has expanded beyond societal impact and preparing business for Hospitality 4.0 to encompass new environmental sustainability, gender and inclusion initiatives. We are committed to doing our part on climate change, responsible sourcing, preserve fresh and regional cuisine, evaluating factors like decarbonization levers, options in aviation fuel and other pressing sustainability challenges.

Advanced Analytics: Data tells only part of the customer’s story, and fails to capture the more integral aspects of your guest’s attitudes, wishes, preferences and beliefs. 
Together we find out what your customers really want and what degree of personalization you need in order to improve conversion. However, a stronger guest-centric orientation is not the only available revenue factor and should be considered as one of many opportunities to be pursued.

Crisis Management: Preparing you in advance for both a crisis and a response, so that you are fully prepared to respond to disruptions. This important function should be managed quickly, consistently and strategically. Effective crisis planning and response can limit business interruption and the associated costs of a crisis and its aftermath.

Hands on: When it comes to project support and coordination, to us, hands-on is not a slogan; it’s our way of ensuring that all strategies or concepts are properly applied in order to reach the specified goals. Depending on the size of the project, you will be supported by one or more consultants from our team and you will always be in direct contact with your personal advisor.

Employee Relations: The secret of guest satisfaction is no longer on the product, but on the human level. The question is not wether it is B2B or B2C. It is H2H, “human to human” and personal commitment is key. The same applies to employee motivation because staff loyalty is an enormous economic factor. We all understand that the hospitality industry is often ripe with employee issues and staff fluctuation. In a nutshell: Every travel business will fail in realizing its goals, if it is unable to stimulate employee initiative to deliver high levels of guest satisfaction across geographic, religious, and cultural boundaries. So it is our goal to build mutual understanding between an organization and its employees and work with management – including HR and other relevant areas of the organization – to improve employee relations and promote a culture of positive communication and trust.

Vist our → Team Coaching and Training page to explore further details and offerings.

Project Ramp Up

HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT is using tools like the ones listed below to successfully deliver projects and connect virtually.

  • Video Conferencing

  • Team Collaboration

  • File Sharing

  • Project Management

  • Note Taking

  • Digital Archive

  • Zoom and Teams

  • Teams and Meistertask

  • OneDrive, WeTransfer

  • Meistertask, Jira

  • GoodNotes, OneNote

  • Evernote

* This process is only a rough and highly abbreviated outline. In practice, the respective change solutions and accompanying processes are usually much more complex. The appropriate approach will be carefully coordinated with you as part of personal, individual support.

Good reasons

Why HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT? And why consulting in the first place? Answers to these questions are deeply important. Everyone needs good reasons for big strategic decisions, and every company in the travel business expects to hear good reasons why they should hire a consultant. Additional information that answers these questions in more detail can be found on our page → Why us?

Created, not made

Good is very definitely not good enough. So don’t compromise on quality! We believe that a merely adequate service, ordinary cuisine and a nice design will probably satisfy the average tourist but will fail to impress the discerning traveller. We help to create authentic guest experiences, incite cultural exchanges, surprise and delight your guests who are increasingly well-travelled, demanding and brand disloyal.

We challenge ourselves – and our clients – to think original. And think potential. Ensuring not only that our ideas are strategically sound, but also that they are scalable.

Our clients are looking for scrupulous analysis and impartial, specialist advice to achieve rapid commercial and cultural impact. We consult, work together, create and execute assignments for many different clients and categories, always using the simple to solve the complex.

Perfection is created, not made.

Our consultants are waiting to help you.

Apply for a call with one of our Business Consultants today! Our team would be delighted to exchange ideas with you.