The growing sophistication and complexity of travel, lodging and supporting transport across skies, roads, rails, oceans, and waterways has helped to fuel global economic growth, but it has also revealed vulnerabilities. As industry standards and practices continue to evolve, there is an opportunity to incorporate new technologies and methodologies that will define a new era of modern travel and hospitality.

However, there is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. With twelve featured experts and 35 years of industry expertise, we work for a broad variety of clients and help them to develop international or local strategies that can evolve to meet shifting

traveler tastes, improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, greater sales and a more memorable experience: Whether it’s a classic Grand Hotel, a gourmet 10-room inn, globally active resort chain, cruise line, airline, jet charter, spa operator, restaurant, tourism association or travel agency, we share with all companies a commitment to excellence and deliver the ultimate consulting for the most dynamic operators.

In a nutshell:
At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT, we understand the pressures of leadership in the hospitality industry.

We know the business and we’re here to help.


Hotels & Resorts

We support luxury or upper upscale hotels and resorts (operators and owners), working with the largest hotel chains as well as boutique hotels, privately owned hotels and travel operators worldwide.


We provide broad-based support on operational and service issues to  the world’s top airlines, jet charter and airports, optimizing the customers experience around product and service.

Spas, Beauty & Wellness

How can Spas connect with younger generations of wealthy guests with a modern, global lifestyle, that are taking over? In order to gain new levels of customer satisfaction  in a changing health and wellness market, we help you create lasting value  by optimizing marketing, sales, operations and bespoke offerings (fitness, mindfulness, mental health, diets, recovery, purity, products etc.)

Cruise Operators

Recognizing the unique needs of the marine industry, from housekeeping to hotel operations, entertainment to shore excursions and land tours, we review your team’s day to day operations, procedure and guest satisfaction.


Wether locally sourced “farm to table”, “nose to tail”, “al fresco” or “delivery/catering” – we develop and implement bespoke culinary concepts that are precisely aligned with your strategic goals and focused on your target group.

Casinos & Entertainment

While customer expectations and trends are shifting in the entertainment sector, we initiate and accompany a process of restructuring operations and pursue operational excellence and agility.

Tourism & Travel

Based on our experience and creativity we tailor strategies to improve the competitiveness of traditional travel agencies. Keep pace with technology, cultivate loyalty and refocus on profit in times when customer expectations are higher than ever.


Luxury trains are a popular addition to upscale travel and have an enormous potential to increase the prestige of a country and attract high-class tourism. We assist international concepts for touristic rail traffic, trouble-shoot on site and develop special catering and culinary concepts.


Our consultants are waiting to help you.

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