HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT is a specialized business consultant for the travel industry. As experienced hospitality experts, we

  • … see ourselves first and foremost as a source of impetus, but also as a trusted advisor with an agile approach to complex matters
  • … support our clients in the areas of operations, strategy, communications, sales, branding, sustainability and culinary concepts
  • … help you to open up new markets or customer groups
  • … design processes for an increasingly networked and digitalized world
  • … optimize your core business operation
  • … avoid/uncover hidden quality or performance issues and we
  • … monitor, audit and personalize customer journeys

resulting in maximized guest loyalty, return rate and spending, hence greater profitability.

Our clients are hotels, airlines, cruise lines and travel agencies of all sizes: Private aviation and jet charter, yacht cruises, luxury trains, upper 4-star and 5-star plus hotels, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, lifestyle beach & ski resorts, luxury b&b’s, and innovative lodging concepts.

They are all driven by the same value, strive to significantly strengthen their competitive position, develop more charisma and awareness as a brand, attract dream clients, foster guest loyalty, turn their culinary concepts into a success story, increase their revenue streams – in short, they all want to make their work even more meaningful and profitable.

Hotel-Test Hotel-Mystery-Shopping

A close look at every little detail
so you can create big moments

In addition to → operational consulting we provide quality audits, mystery shopping and honest advice to the travel industry seeking to improve the ambience, guest satisfaction, attitude, performance, staff loyalty, cuisine or revenue streams. While covering and outlining the complete customer journey, we analyze every aspect of operation, market reach and potential, competitive strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. According to your target group, your own criteria and business areas relevant to you, we customize all audits: Starting with brand awareness, online presence and booking, through the actual stay and on-site travel experiences, to post-communication and follow ups. A full report will be provided with recommendations and guidance for the owners and management. Upon request, HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT will as well assist in the implementation of these recommendations in situ as required. → Start exploring… 

Your benefits

We offer significant advantages to our clients. Above all else: Measurably higher revenues, increased guest loyalty and targeted growth.
You benefit from our “view from the outside” and the objectivity of a neutral authority. Specific know-how that you might not possess to a sufficient extent in-house. Stable processes. Productive and transparent feedback. Professional and personal training of your employees in order to strengthen the team’s work performance and to attract more talent. And last but not least, you get the experience and performance of large consulting companies at the considerably more favorable conditions of a boutique consulting firm.

Your leap into the next level

We dive deep into your world, forge future plans with you, and find the concrete levers for your next leap. From problem analysis (quality audits, mystery shopping, hotel consulting, brand recognition) to problem solution (trainings, seminars, team coaching, IT- and social business) we assist where support is needed and help you to develop the necessary changes in your company.

Hotel-Test Hotel-Mystery-Shopping: The starting point is usually the personal interview and mystery checks, on the basis of which recommendations for action are developed in close cooperation with the owner or management.

Hotel-Test Hotel-Mystery-Shopping

How we can help

At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we are not offering the same streamlined consulting services like most business analysts. We are specialized exlusively in the travel business and work as your trusted advisors. Our mission is to analyze problems, create solutions and make proven contributions that play a meaningful role in the hospitality industry. Our core offer is working with a client to create an idea which will help solve a commercial or cultural challenge. Or rapidly communicate something new, capturing imaginations and stimulating engagement, sales or something sensational. Contact us for

  • Digital Deployment
  • Growth Strategies
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Branding and Creating a new market
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Managing Competition
  • Dealing with Innovation and Technology Disruptions
  • Decreasing Cost

We can help you better understand and navigate challenges the travel, tourism and hospitality sector faces. While commerce, financial sustainability, yield forecasting and property management are success factors, we take a broader view measuring success by People, Performance and Planet. For us, any kind of hospitality would be incomplete if it were solely about finance and commerce. Naturally our work is about increasing sales too, but with a strong focus on the operational side of business, on strategy, governance, service experience, organization, HR performance, communication and marketing with the promise of human connection. Our teams are proactive and pragmatic, and their industry experience enables them to provide practical advice that is pertinent and tailored to your needs.

Our consultants are waiting to help you.

Do you have further questions about “Hotel-Test Hotel-Mystery-Shopping”?  Our team would be delighted to exchange ideas with you.