Overcoming the shortage of skilled workers in the food industry

CLATU Academy: Strategic Workshops Fall/Winter

CLATU is a full-service management consultancy for the European Food, Wine, Beverage and Hospitality Industry

Clatu Group is a comprehensive B2B consulting and coaching network, providing commercial/ market entry/ sales/ digitization/ training and coaching services in the F&B and hospitality industry. We are headquartered in Germany and have partner offices in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and the UK. Our Mission Possible: To support companies in growth, transformation or international expansion, to take maximum advantage of opportunities in the marketplace, and to build the highest possible awareness for their products.

Trusted Advisors

Strategy development
Culinary consulting
Product development
Growth strategies
Market development
Assortment planning
Productivity increase
Cost reduction


Leadership Coaching
Startup Mentoring
Seminars / Webinars
Knowledge transfer
Employee retention
Walk & Talk Workshops


Key Account Management
Salesforce / Sales
Market Research & Analysis
Social Media Support
Brand Design
Import / Export
Customs / Certifications
Trade fair support
Foreign representation
Startup financing

As highly specialized boutique consultants, we offer strategies and solutions with the patience, commitment, and 30+ years of experience needed to succeed in largely saturated markets. At → FOOD AND WINE CULTURE, our focus is one hundred percent on food and beverage; our services cover every aspect of hospitality, gastronomy, catering, organic farming, production, food retail, branding, import and export. When it comes to startups, → CLATU STARTUP supports young entrepreneurs as a think tank, initiator, and companion with experienced coaches, mentors, and consulting services.  Another major area is → CLATU ACADEMY with keynotes, lectures, workshops and seminars on HR development, optimizing leadership and management competencies, communication and employer branding.At → HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we specialize in various consulting and marketing solutions for the upscale travel and hotel industry. Another area is promotions and advertorials for hotels, restaurants and tour operators at → CLATU TRAVEL.


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Our F&B Experts

We are not offering streamlined consulting services like most business analysts. As your trusted advisor in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, our work is about high-performance solutions, commerce and trade with the promise of human connection.

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Looking to start your own business?

Clatu is entrepreneurial at its heart, having spent the last 30 years starting and scaling businesses around the world. In 2022, Clatu StartUp was launched to support the next generation of founders who are looking to do the same.

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Food companies in the digital transformation

From large corporations to medium-sized companies and family farms to retailers, more and more companies are turning to digital technologies,

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Our New Productivity Workshop

Between interruptions, distractions, and competing priorities, it’s difficult to get your most important work done. Let us help you banish low-leverage work and focus on what matters.

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