What we do

At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we are not offering the same streamlined consulting services like most business analysts. We are specialized exlusively in the travel business and work as your trusted advisors. Our mission is to analyze problems, create solutions and make proven contributions that play a meaningful role in the hospitality industry. Our core offer is working with a client to create an idea which will help solve a commercial or cultural challenge. Or rapidly communicate something new, capturing imaginations and stimulating engagement, sales or something sensational. Contact us for

  • Digital Deployment
  • Growth Strategies
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Branding and Creating a new market
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Managing Competition
  • Dealing with Innovation and Technology Disruptions
  • Decreasing Cost

While commerce, financial sustainability, yield forecasting and property management are success factors, we take a broader view measuring success by People, Performance and Planet. For us, any kind of hospitality would be incomplete if it were solely about finance and commerce. Naturally our work is about increasing sales too, but with a strong focus on the operational side of business, on strategy, governance, service experience, organization, HR performance, communication and marketing with the promise of human connection.

You know how most travel today is: One thinks of it as fast food. It’s efficient, streamlined and consistent, at the cost of personal, local and authentic. But what if travel were like a magnificent buffet of local experiences? That’s why our agenda has expanded to help you encompass mind-shift, bespoke service, new environmental sustainability, gender and inclusion initiatives. We are committed to doing our part on climate change, responsible sourcing, preserve fresh and regional cuisine and other pressing sustainability challenges.


Whether you are a tour operator, hotel, resort or carrier across skies, roads, rails, seas and waterways: We inspire and empower the travel industry to deliver excellence, compelling quality and commitment.

Conferences & Workshops

We celebrate the hospitality trade as an ongoing live performance. So why not book a professional speaker who knows your business from the ground up?  Our inspiring keynotes and workshops deliver insights, strategies, tools and thought provoking content.

Brand Recognition &
Social Business

Search engines, apps and online marketplaces have changed the way we buy travel products forever. But besides to speed, convenience and digital marketing… what truly makes for a good brand experience? Emotionalized product presentations, inspiring dialogues and human touch—that is, creating real connections.

Team Coaching

We all understand that the hospitality industry is often ripe with employee issues and staff fluctuation. Our coaching program and workshops help to create inspired teams, increase performance and improve cohesion and team spirit.

Whatever phase you are in,
we are here to support you!


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    Our goal is to to help our clients to achieve optimal and sustainable results. To…

    ◼︎ remain competitive

    ◼︎ stimulate demand

    ◼︎ improve guest loyalty and guest satisfaction

    ◼︎ build high levels of employee commitment

    ◼︎ improve performance and empower for self-development

    ◼︎ increase visibility and brand awareness

    ◼︎ gain actionable feedback for your business

    HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT was born from the need for expert guidance and unbiased diagnosis in the high-end luxury market. Today, we set a new industry standard as an independent provider of customer-experience research, data and analytics for travel companies worldwide.

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