What we don’t do

At HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT we provide a holistic and tailored consulting in the areas of core business operations, strategy, communications, human capital, performance, sales, revenue management, sustainability and culinary concepts. We see ourselves as specialists who are aware of their expertise – and understand their boundaries; experts who are more excited by the depth of a task than by its breadth. So here is a list of things we do not do:

We offer NO. . .

  • financial audits
  • asset management
  • advice on existing loan covenants
  • insurance
  • legal consulting or risk advisory
  • consulting on breaches of contract
  • tax consulting
  • real estate project development
  • company succession (by family members or external candidates)
  • exit and preparing for sale
  • consulting in construction and refurbishment
  • we do not work on commission or any other form of kickbacks
  • we do not provide you with standarized “best practice” solutions that don’t fit your company
  • and we will not “drown” you with large consulting teams

If you need any of the services listed here that we do NOT provide, we recommend one of the notable management consulting firms which specialize in finance and law (and not so much in hospitality). You can find an overview → here.

On the operational side, however, what we can offer you is this:

Our consultants are waiting to help you.

Apply for a call with one of our Business Consultants today! Our team would be delighted to exchange ideas with you.