The difference is personal 

How is HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT different from others? The first thing that might come to mind is, that a boutique consulting firm like ours helps clients grow revenue and profit, offers high-quality services, personal attention and that our rates are lower than those of the big consulting companies because we have a leaner organization structure. Other benefits could mention…

  • We are the premier specialists in our field
  • Our work has short-term impact and long-lasting value
  • Our values and culture make us stand out
  • We act responsible and have an ethical approach
  • We have high credibility
  • We are better than others
    etc. etc. etc.

All true.  However, it’s the same difference as everywhere else.

Why we’re here

In honest response to the question “Why Us?” we don’t want to repeat the persistent marketing slogans around ‘What’ and ‘How’. Instead, let us really focus on the ‘Why’ and develop a more distinctive proposition for you:

The ‘Why’ is probably the most important message that an organization or individual can communicate. It is the core value, that explains the purpose and the raison d’être of our work. The reason we all get up and go to work in the morning (noon and night).

Happily our purpose runs through our company name.

So at the end of the day when you strip everything else away, what are we here to do? What sets us apart? What’s the core purpose of HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT?

Quite simply, it is our love for travel and our deep understanding of hospitality. Not from a tourist’s wanderlust and viewpoint looking for distraction, adventure or relaxation; not from the investors’ point of view towards ownership, equity, value and profit; but from the intrinsic passion to serve, entertain, communicate, delight and host all guests, who grace us with their stay. To us, without a genuine passion for providing outstanding guest experiences, and without a real passion for the industry as a whole, it’s hard to convey the benefits of the other traits convincingly. Nor is it really possible to improve or optimize your business.  

Furthermore, it goes without saying that all our consultants have serious professional qualifications. You can look forward to people who can not only think ahead and contribute, but also have the “balls” (sorry) to give you qualified, constructive feedback.

In a nutshell: We ‘breathe hospitality’, we create value, we enable people, we embrace and encourage change and we do understand that only an extremely satisfied guest stands for: 

  • Increased loyalty
  • a higher rate of returning guests
  • more positive online ratings
  • a higher occupancy rate
  • a motivated team of coworkers 
  • better business results
  • happy owners and investors 

“Our vision: Creating leaders, inspiring people and bringing perspectives together to achieve what matters most.”

We advise, you decide. 

A good tour guide offers valuable support, keeps an eye on everything at all times, and helps you take the right decisions. With HOTEL AND TRAVEL INSIGHT, you’re fully in control, but we’re always at your side. Apply for a call with one of our Business Consultants today! Our team would be delighted to exchange ideas with you.